A cultural landmark since 1950.
Back in the day, the West Erie Plaza has welcomed celebrities like William Bendix and Burt Lancaster. The iconic shopping center thrived for nearly 4 decades while hosting an eclectic mix of local and regional tenants.
Development Begins
The deeds show the development
of the West Erie Plaza starting.
Development Completed
The West Erie Plaza is completed.

Confirmed original tenant: The Winter Co.
“Erie’s great piano, television and appliance store.”
United Hardware and Supply Co.
Confirmed original tenant:
United Hardware and Supply Co.
Dipson’s Plaza Cinema Opens
With a seating capacity of around 1,000, the theater boasted an art deco design with a grand staircase, tapestry, marble lined walls and a partial mezzanine giving it the status of “Movie Palace.”
G.C. Murphy Co. Opens
G.C. Murphy Co. opens its first shopping center located at WEP and Brentwood-Whitehall Shopping Center, near Pittsburgh.
Early tenant Halle Brother’s joins WEP.
Loblaw’s Opens
Loblaw’s Grocery joins the plaza.
Boston Store Construction
Construction begins on the Boston Store.
Boston Store Opens
Boston Store opens in the West Erie Plaza.

Expansion of the Halle Brother’s building is done.
Early Map
Click here to view a map of WEP from 1971.
Plaza Theater Converted
Plaza Theater is converted into a 4-screen cinema.
Plaza Theater Closes
The West Erie Plaza Theater closes as a first-run movie theater. The last showing was “Yes Man” starring Jim Carey.
New Owner
VCG Properties, LLC purchases the Plaza.
New Business
Hertel & Brown Physical & Aquatic Therapy joins the Plaza as the first tenant signed by VCG.
Partial redevelopment starts near the north end of the main strip, giving new storefronts to Dairy Queen and Hertel & Brown. This work was the first significant investment into the strip in approximately 30 years.
Jimmy Johns joins the West Erie Plaza.
Business Expands
Hertel & Brown Physical & Aquatic Therapy opens.

Erie Bank joins the West Erie Plaza.
Demolition begins on North end of the main strip.

Redevelopment starts on the rest of the main strip.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle opens in the West Erie Plaza.
New Business
E. Lane Boutique opens in May 2016.  
Achilles Running Shop opens in October 2016.  
Claytopia opens in October 2016.
Gears and Grub
WEP hosts Gears & Grub for the first time, inviting local food truck vendors to set up in the Plaza parking lot during Roar on the Shore.
New Business
Icing on the Lake opens in February 2017. 
Pet Supplies Plus opens in September 2017.  
Planet Fitness opens in November 2017.
Gears and Grub
Gears & Grub continues for a second year, expanding to include local craft vendors and musicians in addition to food trucks.
Gears and Grub
WEP hosts Gears & Grub for the 3rd and final year.
The Cork 1794
The Cork 1794 opens in November 2018.
New Business
Pinkberry opens in June 2019.
Izzy & Gab opens in July 2019. 
Mama Mia's BOWtique opens in July 2019.