Unique retail lease amenities.
At VCG Properties, we focus on big data, efficiency, design and the latest concepts in retail development to seamlessly enhance your customers’ omni-channel shopping experience. Our broad-spectrum service offerings provide data-driven expansion leverage without placing a high demand on your in-house resources.
A Retro Vibe
online marketing
An exceptional and truly unique added-value tool, the West Erie Plaza website offers all tenants acess to its secure online tenant portal. The portal enables you to securely log in and manage your individual business page on the dedicated West Erie Plaza site.

You control everything from contact info and imagery to social media posts and monthly retail specials. The Secure Tenant Portal is also conveniently accessible via our iPhone/Android compatible app.
placemaking amenities

dedicated marketing through digital media services

integrated curbside omni-channel kiosk

high-speed fiber, free wi-fi

mobile recognition services; consumer patterns, automated gps loyalty marketing

cutting-edge web communication platforms for all tenants