Erie's Modern Retail Center // Vision & Mission • West Erie Plaza

VCG Properties is a local, family-owned retail development firm founded specifically for the West Erie Plaza project. We tend to be exceedingly transparent because our group considers its endeavors as much community development as investment. The VCG Properties team is extremely passionate regarding how a business should operate. A legacy handed down of open, honest, creative, hopeful, caring enterprise with a relentless pursuit of sustainable improvement and unapologetically ambitious goals. It is said in this industry that public engagement will only hinder progress; a notion our company finds inhibitive. Our practice is to encourage and embrace community input openly.

Since gaining ownership of the plaza in 2012, we have taken pride in every meticulous plan and detail that goes into its revival. We walk the less traveled path, blending art with public space, classical architecture with modern technology and place importance on the human experience over the bottom dollar. We tend to value environmentally conscious efforts over pure profit management, design and function over simplicity of construction, and sustainability over cursory solutions.

Having turned the corner on what was, looking to what can be, is perhaps our proudest accomplishment to date. The West Erie Plaza and the surrounding area are again part of the conversation when companies look to expand. We have gone from below market, compensatory leases in 2011 to an exclusive, class A status that demands attention and has increased the market value for leasing well beyond our boundary lines. The West Erie Plaza is once again the center of attention and positioned to become Erie's premier retail destination.

Our word and handshake is as iron clad as any contract; integrity is our most cherished asset. WE ARE VCG Properties, a group full of strong opinions, uncompromising expectations, uncommon practices and unwavering ambitions. Welcome to the new, old West Erie Plaza.

The West Erie Plaza is Erie's new age, modern retail center. Experience the new WEP.